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Save the best for last is a fitting thing to say about LeTao Cheesecake’s entrance to the Philippine market.

The famous bakery from Hokkaido, Japan is throwing open its doors in Manila on the very last week of 2016, as though ushering the new year with a bang bang bang.

le tao

LeTao Cheesecake’s first store will be at the second floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati, with its famous Double Fromage Cheesecake retailing at P1,150. A little steep, we agree, but hold your judgment until a forkful of the velvety smooth and inexplicably light LeTao cheesecake hits your mouth. Then you’d be more than happy to cough out a grand.

That’s two layers of cheesecake, BTW: with the upper layer using Grade A mascarpone cheese from the Lombardi region in Italy. That layer is not baked making the cheesecake creamy and smooth. It is the baked lower layer that gives the Double Fromage an impressively rich texture, making each forkful deathly satisfying.

LeTao was founded in 1996 in Hokkaido, Japan, with several locations across Southeast Asia.

We’ve the folks behind Tokyo Milkcheese Factory to thank for this, erm, Christmas miracle.


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