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And so here we are, with none other than the British Broadcasting Corporation taking notice of how the Filipino Twitterati has mocked tried to talk some sense onto the very dense Sandro Marcos.


“Filipino netizens have mocked former dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s grandson for praising the latest Star Wars film, drawing parallels with his family’s controversial rule,” the BBC writes in an article published on Tuesday, December 20.

Short of the long: On December 18, Sandro Marcos here tweeted his appreciation for Rogue One.

This, of course, elicited smarter and angry replies, comparing the regime with Sandro’s family, basically using the Star Wars story line as a metaphor to Philippine politics. It was funny, but it was so real, too, that it made quite a hot mess on Twitter. We the Public quickly picked it up, quickly becoming viral.

Perhaps it trended for awhile, or maybe the folks over at the BBC couldn’t resist the black humor of the incident they simply had to pick it up—and tag Sandro’s dad on Facebook, when they shared it on social media.

In any case, we’re pretty—haha—amused with just how clueless Sandro Marcos seems to be. Remember when the 22-year-old prayed for “those involved in the Davao explosion, hoping you all keep safe!”? Rrrright.


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