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Couldn’t be happier to wake up to the news that Wes Anderson has started filming a new movie. It’s called Isle of Dogs and he has quite a stellar cast: Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Scarlet Johnson, Bill Murray, just to name a few.

He made the announcement himself, via a three-minute video that contains a cameo from Edward Norton.


Anyway, he made the announcement to help out the Film Foundation, Martin Scorsese’s organization that protects and restores film. The idea is to donate $10 in his Crowdrise’s account, which will give you the chance to, among others, visit the film set and meet Wes himself. A long shot for us here in the Manila, but what the hell. We love Wes—and miss his movies too!

His last movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, showed in 2014. A long time ago, in galaxy far away, if we can be totally irrelevant with our line drops.

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