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As though the two floors of science action weren’t enough, Mind Museum whips up another awesomely geeky affair: The Science Circus: Step Right Up! is a traveling circus show that aims to demonstrate a kind of magic that can only be achieved by science.

Uh huh, it starts at the BGC HQ, where it holds performances six times a day until January 31, 2017, before it travels to different cities across the country.


Located on the ground floor just outside the main building of the museum, the Science Circus can be easily seen because of its festive colors and lights accompanied with upbeat sounds, much like a typical circus show.

Once you enter the circus, you’ll find several booths with colorful and interesting labels that will make you even more curious about what’s inside it. In the middle, you’ll find small tables and chairs where children can solving riveting puzzles. A merry-go-round-designed structure can also be seen but curiously there are no seats to ride on. Are you intrigued yet? No? Well, here are six reasons that will definitely make you want to visit, stat!

1. It will make you realize how cool science really is. While the traditional circus shows, with its physical acrobatic performances, will make people go “woah,” the Science Circus will leave its audience amazed with physical demonstrations of scientific principles with three booths or rings as they like to call it: The Ring of Deception Perception, which deals with optical illusions, the Ring of Pieces of Incredible Engineering, which features its own Astounding Automata, and the Ring of Encounters with the Masters.

2. You will learn about the “blindness” of your mind’s eyes. In Ring One aka Deception Perception, everything seems to be in the opposite direction. The booth uses lines, dimensions, and angles to tackle the “blindness” of the mind’s eyes. There is a mirror and a ball and it’s up to you to find out if it will roll up or down. Other tricky activities outside the booth but are still under this ring include Benham’s Roleta and Floating Head.

3. You will need to learn how things work! Ring Two or Pieces of Incredible Engineering features several contraptions that will teach you how things work. There is the Astounding Automata, a colorful wooden machine that presents different gears you’ll need to assemble for the Clockwork Troupe to move smoothly. And then there’s the machine similar to a merry-go-round called “Intriguing Structures” wherein guests need to push the bars as they walk in a circular motion in order for the machine to light up. Other activities include the Balancing Shapes challenge, Rotating Chair and the Tangrams.


4. It’s fast and exciting. Ring Three or Encounters with the Masters includes three booths (Monsieur Conjurer, Incredible Illusionist, and Madame Shapeshifter) that will test your speed at spotting the differences among objects. Pray to St. Anthony because you’ll also have to look for all the hidden faces in the various images that presented to you—and fast! Ring Three aims to explain the people’s inability to see a thing because of the selective attention to a specific area.

5. It’s interactive. You don’t just watch and listen, you get to participate in their fun activities. It’s learning a lot of things by experiencing it for yourself! There are “mind movers” to guide and ask you some questions. They will also let you perform the activity for yourself while explaining the scientific principle or inspiration behind it, and in return, you can also ask them for more clarifications. So, bring your friends or family with you and take the challenges together!

6. It makes bonding moments both memorable and meaningful. Enough with the eating—this holiday season, try something new with your family and friends. The Mind Museum is a perfect go-to place where extraordinarily strange activities lead to both fun and better knowledge.

Science Circus: Step Right Up! is on display until January 31, 2017, at The Mind Museum, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. And good news for all Mastercard holders! Avail a 3+1 treat to any admission ticket to the museum including its exhibitions. This limited offer runs until December 30, 2016.

J.Y.Campus Park, 3rd Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila. 9am–6pm,Tuesdays—Sundays. Science Circus exhibition door charge P200 per head (adults and kids) Show times: 9am-10:30am | 10:30am-12nn | 12nn-1:30pm | 1:30pm-3pm | 3pm-4:30pm | 4:30pm-6pm Limited capacity. Guests are welcomed on a first come, first served basis.

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