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Reading Chef Gene Gonzales’s fearless forecast for food in Manila Bulletin today, is slowly healing our wounded hearts. We mean: “The coming year 2017 seems to be a steak year,” Chef Gene Gonzales writes.

How awesome is that? The further we read, the better we felt. Allow us to put it in an digestible listicle below:


1. There will be a fourth wave for coffee. With coffee taking on the “farm to table” approach, third wave coffee shops will be replaced with a fourth: those that grow, roast and serve a cuppa.

2. “New” meats will be explored. According to Chef Gene, carabao or water buffalo meats will be explored, as caged or farmed game.

3. Small plates will be big. Tapas, Banchan or Isakaya portions will take over in 2017. We’re not really surprised: Alabang’s beloved Bar Pintxos has opened a second address in BGC, Solenn Heussaff’s Tomatito just opened to good reviews, and places like Chotto Matte consistently serving delicious meals.

4. Bread will be better! Says Chef Gene, sourdough bread will finally be appreciated, as brioche.

5. Filling will be better! “Creative fillings for steamed buns like siopao, cuapao, and mantao will appear in snack menus,” he also notes.

6. Asian desserts will rule. Asian cheesecakes will continue its market dominance, as kakigori aka shaved ice desserts, soft-served ice creams, and custards will be well-introduced.

7. German wines will take its rightful place. According to Chef Gene, 2017 will see a leveling up for drinking as people will pursue better quality wines. Chilean wines will make a rebound, while German whites like Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, Moscato, and Bacchus will be popular because it goes well with Asian flavors, and that will be popular in the coming year as well.

8. Black is back. As in black-colored food: Squid link, bamboo charcoal, and the like. Chefs will be looking for more charcoal possibilities, too so goths will definitely love this trend.

Photo: Youtube screencap


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