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Instead of gunning for the big resolutions and having bold goals yet again, in 2017, we’re going for the seemingly insignificant things, small changes that don’t seem much but will definitely make the biggest impact not just on ourselves but on the world around us.


1. Verify news reports. The web is a brimful of outrageous things that are too easy to share; 2016 proved to be the year of fake news and satire, too. Before reacting, commenting, or worst sharing these links, this year, we plan on verifying them first. It’s actually an easy thing to do, especially with our friend Google right next tab. If you feel like you need to do your job and warn people about it, don’t share. Instead, take a screen cap to accompany your warning.

2. Report what turns out to be fake! Take your verification a step further by reporting these deceitful posts. In 2017, how about we all try to do our part and verify stuff before we share them online. That way, we can help clear up space for the more important things. In the upper right handside of the post, you’ll see a dropdown menu; select report post, and it will take you on a step-by-step process in doing so.

3. Spend more time IRL. Here’s a wild idea: How about we spend less time on the web and actually do more living in real life? Have real conversations with people, learn the annoying but important art of small talk, use your feet and actually walk! That said, let’s relearn how to use pedestrian lanes—and walking bridges! This is our chance to show off that discipline thing we love to boast online and complain about.

4. Read one book a month. Saying buh-bye to social media will give you more time in your hands. What do you do with it, you may ask? Use your time and your brain cells wisely: read a book! A book will water that so-called garden between your ears. It doesn’t have to be boring and hard too: YA is easy to read, you’d be surprised at how entertaining graphic novels can be and how intelligent magazines are. This year, we plan on reading at least one book a month.

5. Prioritize local. The recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival yet another proof of just how talented we Filipinos are. It is a good idea to keep the ball rolling in 2017: let’s watch more local movies, read more local authors, buy more local designers, listen to more local music. This will encourage big establishments to show the same support, which is what our artists need.

6. Spend more time with your parents. If you’re already working, how about you treat them to dinner? If you no longer live at home, how about you visit more often, pasalubong in tow? With your blossoming career and the world opening up, home—that is to say, your parents—is the easiest thing to overlook. This new year, make the conscious effort to see them, get to know them as people, and enjoy their company. Now is the time—you’re no longer a child!

7. Eat better. It doesn’t mean for you to turn vegetarian, go free-range organic, etcetera. Eating better means for you to lessen your fast food intake, or cut in half your sugar consumption. It means drinking 10 glasses of water instead of downing cans of soda. It means eating right, not eating until full. It means taking care of yourself. Not indulging.

Illustration: Madel Crudo


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