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Persiana— that long-time favorite Mediterranean joint on Pioneer Street—is not gone after all.

Just when we were about to accept the sad life without delicious kebab sandwiches and the beef shawarma from Persiana, comes the good news. According to its Facebook page, Persiana has only relocated a block away from its original location. It now stands tall, proud, and open on super hip Brixton Street.


Along with the change are a few tweaks in its beloved menu. Those big platters famous for sharing are no more. The shawarma now come in just one size, priced at P75. And there are less pizza variants, with the remaining ones priced at P250. There aren’t anymore cakes for dessert but the yogurt shakes are still there—yes!

They’re still getting their groove back, so there isn’t lunch service just yet; operating hours are from 4pm to 12am.

Photo: Persiana | Facebook

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