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As the controversy of the Metro Manila Film Festival entry Oro continues, a cast member named Japo Parcero, took it to Facebook and confirmed our worst fears: two dogs had indeed died during the shooting of the film.

Parcero posted a statement on her Facebook account claiming that the first dog died accidentally and the second, deliberately. She said she was not aware of the dog-slaughter scene until they invited her on the after-party of the said film.

“At the after party attended at by the entire crew and cast, I was made aware that A DOG WAS KILLED IN THE SHOOT. In fact, two dogs died, one accidentally and one deliberately. The production bought the first dog, and the owner, in his excitement to deliver the dog and receive his payment, tied the dog in a sack and unknowingly killed him by suffocation.

“The production, bent on shooting the scene which apparently was in the script, bought another dog for butchering. That night at the after party, the story relayed to me was that the actor was asked to bludgeon the dog to death,” she wrote. Japo also added that the lead actress threatened to refuse shooting if they killed an animal.

“I don’t know how they were able to convince the ENTIRE CAST AND CREW to ever agree to such an unspeakable act, but the words often used that night were ‘for authenticity’ and ‘we believed in the vision’,” she continued.

On a seperate post by Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Chairman, Liza Diño-Seguerra, she said that there should be no showing of the present version of the film in shall be allowed. “We would like to reiterate that the MMFF Executive Committee takes this opportunity to strongly emphasize that it has not condoned nor will ever condone any cruelty to animals. Neither will it allow the festival to be the vehicle for such actions,” she added.

Oro won several awards but the MMFF recalled the Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award after Senator Grace Poe condemned the dog-slaughter scene.

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