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Liquid lipstick is all the rage these days with the glossy kind lording it on the shelves.

What we really want however, are the matte kind. Those long-lasting one that are, ehem, kiss-proof. But such is our luck: The matte lip creams are so hard to find they’re practically non-existent, or they’re so expensive they burn a deep hole in our pockets.

So the arrival of Kiss & Tell is like manna from kikay heaven. Launched in December 2016, Kiss & Tell is a locally produced cosmetic brand that has a semi-organic lipstick that has a matte finish in its product line.


The first line of lip creams are available in five shades: First kiss (nude pink), Smack (brown), Torrid (sultry red), Blush (reddish pink) and Smooch (bright pink).

These lippies are weightless, has a semi-matte finish with the swatches going well with any skin color. The best part? They’re only P220 a pop.

It gets better: Kiss & Tell is not only cruelty-free—they don’t test their lipsticks to animals—it’s also paraben-, sulfate-, and lead-free so it’s totally safe for your sensitive puckers.

Kiss & Tell is set to release its 100% organic lip balms together with the new shades of lip creams this summer.

PHOTO: Kiss & Tell | Facebook page

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