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Now that The Worst Year Ever is over, we’ve drummed up a list of resolutions for a better 2017—read a book, spend less time online, spend more time with our parents, that kind of thing.

But also: We want to make the most of this year. And here’s a list of tips to help us in this endeavor. Good luck to us, and God help us all.


1. Get organized. Ah, the easiest thing to say but the hardest to achieve. Getting organized is one of the most important things that will definitely increase productivity. So what do we do so we don’t double-book, be able to keep tabs of expenses, and don’t miss deadlines? Why, keep a bullet journal. Here, we plan to jot down all the things you need, hell, jot down everything! From the most important task down to the tiniest chores that need to be accomplished, a bullet journal will help keep track of everything you’re doing.

2. Have a clean workplace. Start your 2017 right by decluttering your private space. Throw out files and materials from 2003—we’re pretty sure you won’t need those anymore. Arrange your shelves and file those documents lying inside your drawers.

3. Keep it cool. As in the temperatures, dummy. Warm temperatures will make you lazy, while supreme cold will make you unfocused and uncomfortable. According studies, a crisp 21°C will make you super productive.

4. Avoid stress. We hate to break it to you darling, but you’re not Superwoman. So please don’t overdo it. Learn how to rest and keep positive: Don’t stress on the problem. Focus on solutions, instead. If you’re feeling down, listen to your jam. If you need a break, read a book. Look for ways to destress.

5. Make time for your family and friends. It sounds counterproductive but stopping for a while will actually make you even more productive. That said, use this time to be with family and friends. Have coffee, go out for some tea, eat dinner together!  When you return to your desk, you’ll be more than ready to conquer the last on your to-do.

6. Shut down distractions. Interruptions are the ultimate productivity killers. Turning off your phone (or switching to silent mode) and disconnecting from the internet will help you focus on the tasks at hand.

7. Get up earlier. Research shows that mornings can really make or break your day. In the Business Insider article, 27 Executives Who Wake Up Really Early, we discovered that waking up early is one of the secrets of successful CEOs.

8. Don’t multitask—if you can help it. In this day and age, multitasking is almost always the solution. But it’s actually not. It will slow you down, distract you from your tasks, and kill whatever joy could be had from your work. If you can help it, exclusive do one item, cross it off before starting another.

9. Get some sun. Natural light is a natural energy booster. It lifts our mood making us more productive. If your cube is nowhere near a window, we suggest you go out for 10-minute walks in the sun—this will help with your circulation, too!

10. Have your stash of healthy snacks nearby. The age-old combination of fruit and nut is a great energy booster—as fruits increase your sugar levels, the protein from nuts will keep it balanced. Say no to junk food as it spells MSG, while carbs spell sugar-high and sugar-crash.

Illustration: Madel Crudo

[H/T: Manila Bulletin]


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