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Mocha Uson is now one of the MTRCB board members? Wow 2017, change has indeed come!

In case you still don’t know her—but really, who doesn’t?—here’s the necessary intro: Before she ventured into blogging, Mocha Uson was known as the leader of sexy all-girl group Mocha girls.


These days, she’s arguably the biggest supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, with her controversial Facebook page, MOCHA USON BLOG, amassing a whopping four million followers. It comes not as a surprise that organizations will want to and have tapped her influence.

She was appointed the ambassador of the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival, and now this: On Thursday Mocha Uson was appointed board member for the MTRCB.

News of her appointment swiftly became viral yesterday, with Mocha announcing and then explaining that she accepted the post on the condition she won’t receive any salary whatsoever. She said she wants to donate the moolah to Duterte’s Kitchen instead and/or the DSWD.

But it seems like that detail flew over netizens’ heads as everybody was and still is absolutely ~shookt~. Here are some of the wittiest reactions that we’ve seen so far:

Now, we can be anything we want. *flies to the moon*

Go lang, bes. High hopes!

Andanar: “Because she’s one of the biggest artists.”  Uhm, really? LOL

Nothing is impossible. Slay, gurl!

No, 2017. Please prove it wrong!


Angel Locsin is all of us right now, tbh.

Illustration: Madel Crudo


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