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Best believe it: There is now a “dating app” for dogs. Everybody, meet Twindog. It’s a “dating app” for your canine created by a company named…Holidog.

The main goal of Twindog is to bring dogs together via their like-minded humans. As in: pet owners, who have a hard time finding playmates for their dogs will benefit a lot from Twindog as it helps dogs socialize. Single pet owners, perhaps, moreso. We mean, aren’t dog playdates a date in itself?


It was first launched in May 2015 as Tindog. After nearly 18 months, Twindog is finally here. It works pretty much like Tinder: create your dog’s profile by uploading your dog’s name, age, sex, breed and photos. After that, a list of dogs’ profiles in your area will appear. You just need to swipe left to ignore or swipe right to like. If both of the pet owners swipe right, then it’s a match!

Just like Tinder, Twindog scans canines in nearby matches based on your mobile phone’s GPS location. There’s also an option to upload information about you, the owner including your picture. The app also displays the users mutual friends on Facebook and allows them to share photos and even find local dog groups.

Even though the app mainly revolves around dogs, Twindog can and have actually brought dog owners together for friendship or even for love *wink.*

But regardless of what you’re on Twindog for, everybody can agree that there is really is a kind of joy swiping through cute dog profiles no? Isn’t it awesome?

Twindog is available for free on both Apple and Android devices.

Illustration by: Madel Crudo

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