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Hate to break this news, girls. But there’s now a proposed tax for beauty and cosmetic products. More on this bad news:  On January 10, house leaders showed their support to AKO BICOL Rep. Rodel Batocabe who  proposed 10- to 30-percent excise tax on beauty and cosmetic products and services.

Rep. Batocabe said that his proposal called “vanity tax”, will also be imposed on services like liposuction, facelift, and breast augmentation. He insisted that those who want to be attractive and good-looking should pay for the cost because he said that this is a “luxury.”


Writer Yvette Tan, hit the nail right on the head when she tweeted, “Philippine lawmakers are thinking of taxing beauty products and services so the gov’t can make more money. This is anti-woman and anti-poor.” And then she hashtagged it #DontTaxMyBeauty

In another tweet, the writer for upcoming film Ilawood said “now we realize that our fight for equality is far from over and that a lot of our perceived victories have been a sham.” She seems to be leading the opposition with a series of angry tweets.

Twitter users quickly followed Tan’s tweets and expressed their dismay, too using the hashtag.

SAVAGE…but really true.

Even Abi Valte, former Deputy Presidential Spokesman, threw shade to the lawmakers who proposed and wants to approve the tax.

Batocabe  said that this “vanity tax” surpass the “sin” taxes collected from tobacco and alcohol if properly implemented.

Look: Can someone please make sure collection of taxes is done properly first before they try and make more money by taxing women’s lipsticks? Besides, beauty products are not and will never be only for vanity, it is now an effective tool for empowerment. Let’s not forget that.

Sorry to say, but really, “my highlight is literally brighter than the future of this country.” HAYYY, Philippines.


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