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Boys and girls, the House of Representatives wants to hear what we have to say about the proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility. On the homepage of its website, there is an online poll about it. Head on out and vote a big fat NO.


In case the president’s foul mouth has kept you distracted, allow us to bring you up to par: Our dear old congress has proposed to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 15 years old to…9. As in, nine years old. As in kids who are still confused with fractions will be made responsible for something they probably also don’t fully understand.

Something’s amiss right? Or actually, something is flat-out wrong.

Thankfully, congress is opening the discussion to us citizens. There are three options in the online poll: Yes you agree, No, you don’t agree, and undecided. As of this writing, 93% of respondents voted no. That’s about 7,533 votes out of 8,134 votes.

Make your voice heard by voting. And make the voice of reason stronger by voting no. Go to the website and count yourselves in! Remember: use it or lose it.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of the story where it says 9-year-old kids will be put to jail along with hardened criminals has been deleted.




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