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Are you against by the proposed ‘vanity tax’? But wait, there’s more: PBA Party-list Rep. Mark Aeron Sambar is now planning to push for a bill imposing additional taxes on “excessive purchases” of electronic gadgets as well as appliances.

Gadget tax

In an interview with GMA News, Rep. Sambar said that the main goal of this bill is “to prevent people from buying too much on a certain product.” The framework of the bill is to identify what electronic gadgets are needed to be taxed in case of excessive buying, what gadgets are exempted, and how to monitor the behavior of the consumers.

The proposal will have a 5% tax and part of the it will be allocated for Electronic Waste Disposal and Management Program for old gadgets. All together now: #rrrrright.

According to Manila Bulletin, Sambar also noted that this will be a better proposal than the proposed “vanity tax” suggested by Ako Bicol partylist genius, Rep. Rodel Batocabe. Says Sambar, “vanity tax” may affect Filipinos who depend on the sale, distribution and application of beauty products as their source of income.

In an interview with GMA News, Department of Finance Spokesperson Paola Alvarez said that they will need to study the bill because there are already value added tax and importation dues on gadgets and appliances.

“We have to review first kasi unang-una sa lahat kailangan natin malaman ano ba yung target na income na kailangang ma-generate at kung paano nila ito ita-tax. Kung ano bang kind of tax, ‘yung specifics para makita natin kung magagamit natin siya or kung is it legal?” she added.

Why don’t our lawmakers tax our breathing?! Ah, but we hope it’s clear we’re being sarcastic; pointing the obvious because with their geniuses, they might actually consider it a serious suggestion.

[Manila Bulletin; Photo by: Yahoo via Manila Bulletin]


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