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On Instagram Saturday, 21-year-old Miss British Virgin Islands Universe Erika Creque posted a photo of herself posing with ex-Governor Chavit Singson and captioned it: Was an honor meeting the President of the Philippines Mr Rodrigo Duterte! One love from the British Virgin Islands!



Thankfully it was a busy Saturday, with people heading down to the Visayas for Cebu’s Sinulog or Aklan’s Ati-Atihan. The gaffe only went slightly viral—just a little bit among netizens who live in cyberspace.

By Sunday afternoon, Miss BVI has not corrected herself, but provided information about Mr. Chavit here that most Filipinos might probably don’t know. We mean: Did you know he was National Security Adviser for the Philippine Government in 2008?

Aww, don’t worry, Miss Erika! It happens to the best of us. We love you more for it now. Keep doing you!


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