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In an interview with Manila Bulletin, newly appointed National Commission for Culture and the Arts Chairman Virgilio “Rio” S. Almario said he wanted three things to happen to NCCA during his term from 2017 to 2019.


First is to establish a Department of Culture, “which is now being given attention by sen. Bam Aquino and Sen. Loren Legard,” Alma says.

Next is for NCCA’s “presence be felt in the provinces and not just Metro Manila, so that we could have more ideas on how to project the Filipino culture and so that the regions will be included in the national image of the Filipino culture.”

And most important of them all, he wants to focus on us, millennials. “[They] are always blamed hat they do not know how to be a Filipino. That shouldn’t be the case. Instead, we should provide them with the proper education they need to make them more aware of the Filipino Culture.”

A hearty amen to that, Sir Rio!

The defense and encouragement are not surprising. “Throughout his life, [Rio Alma] has dedicated his weekends for young writers by conducting workshops and consultations in his apartment to help the younger generation,” Sara Grace Fojas writes in the Bulletin article.

[Manila Bulletin]

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