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For the first time in 13 years, the Pasinaya Open House Festival of the Cultural Center of the Philippines will include a full day of workshops in its program.


On February 4, about 50-60 workshops in all fields of art—visual, music, dance, film, literature—including an Arts Market at the lobby of the Little Theater, will be conducted around the CCP complex on Roxas Boulevard.

Each workshop will last for 30 minutes and though CCP suggests a P50 door charge for each workshop, it’s actually a pay-what-you-want basis. It starts at 9:45am and will go on until 2:45pm in the afternoon.

According to Ronnie Mirabuena, of CCP Audience Development Division, resident companies and its partner organizations will facilitate the workshops. So imagine learning from the likes of Ballet Philippines, Bayanihan Dance Troupe, PETA, right?

“Lisa Macuja-Elizalde will be among the facilitators for dance,” Mr. Ronnie Mirabuena of the Audience Development Division of the CCP emphasizes, adding the Prima Ballerina will be facilitating a workshop on a distinct Russian style of ballet.

Among the workshops in music are a training on rondalla, ukulele, classical guitar, chamber music, and percussions.

The workshop day happens on Sat, Feb 4, ahead of the actual Pasinaya festival on Feb 5.

CCP, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay. +632 8321125. Website


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