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What is this new paandar, you may ask of “New World Baking.”

“It’s like my grandmother’s recipe, I just made them a little bit, you know, better,” Kiwi baker Dean Brettschneider tells Charmaine Tadalan of Manila Bulletin.

It’s keeping things simple, he adds, while using fresh ideas and non-traditional things.


That’s exactly what he is introducing with Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza, two bakeries he is bringing in to the Philippines, with the help of The Bistro Group, straight from Singapore.

Baker & Cook, which opened in 2012 on Hillcrest Avenue in Singapore, is best known for its delicious handcrafted breads. What makes them so good, you may ask? According to Brettschneider, the breads at Baker & Cook go through the process of long, slow and cool fermentation, during which the dough is refrigerated for hours to add flavor.

He pushes for age-old baking traditions, such has bucking the pin and using their hands to stretch the dough as well as the classic egg-shine a lot of bakers seem to forget these days.

These beautiful breads, of course, are available in its S Maison location, along with all-day breakfast offerings that vary from P190 to P495.


Plank, meanwhile, is a spin-off of the super successful bakery. In Plank, Brettschnieder uses the same baking techniques, but on creating pizza dough.

At Plank, the dough usually reaches up to 48 hours of fermentation with a natural wild yeast called “levain,” salt, water and extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a pillow-like soft crust with a touch of crispiness.

It has a short menu of just seven pizza varieties, which should clue discerning diners that this is good shii. The pizza will cost you anywhere between P320 to P610.

According to Brettschneider,

G/F of S Maison Conrad, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay. Baker and Cook, 7am-10pm, Plank 11am-10pm.

[Manila Bulletin]


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