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According to the Philippine News Agency, researchers reviewed more than 10 million security codes and learned that ‘123456’ was 2016’s most common password.

About 17 percent of people surveyed used the super predictable passcode to safeguard whatever digital account they had.

It was followed by ‘123456789’ and ‘qwerty.’ Lol.


“The study also found that four of the top 10 passwords on the list are six characters or shorter,” the article states.

So tell us: Where do we score a double shot of imagination? Or, in the case of the Philippines where the voter database was hacked a year ago, a triple shot of alarm?

“Website operators that permit such flimsy protection are either reckless or lazy,” Keeper Security, a US-based password management company said.

According to PIA, “the study found that the list of most-rfrequently used passwords has changed little over the past few years.”

Well, let’s not wait for the excrement to hit the fan, no? Given #Comeleak, it’s best to change all our passwords into alphanumeric—or at least shake the ‘123456789’ sequence.

[Manila Bulletin; Header: Madel Crudo]


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