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After that controversial tweet telling ladies how they should not date a boy who can’t afford to get them a nice dinner, a post from actress Bianca Umali about makeup draws netizens into rage.



“We all know what make up can do. And yes, make up is AMAZING. But what I’m sad about is that most of the girls I have observed are more confident about themselves WITH make up on,” a portion of the caption that accompanied the photo the teen star posted on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She added that the only secret to become beautiful is, ehem, to smile.

Umali’s controversial post garnered 117k likes and 24k shares (and counting) on Facebook, quickly polarizing Filipino netizens. There were those who expressed their dismay on the said post, saying that the actress’ advocacy ended up judging girls and shaming those who wear make-up to feel empowered.


And there were those who commented to defend the young actress, understanding that Bianca only wanted to inspire women to become more confident.



On social media, it’s all free game.

But girls, just remember: If you’re already confident without makeup and feel you don’t need it, then don’t wear makeup. If you want to wear makeup, then please by all means.

If you’re wearing it because it makes you feel more beautiful, kudos sister! If you’re wearing it because, you know, your barkading says so, well you don’t really have to listen to them.

It’s 2017 for crying out loud. We are free to express ourselves and do as we please.

And to Bianca dearest: We know you’re coming from a good place. Just please understand that women are tired of being told what to do and what’s okay and all that shiii. Let’s all live and let live, shall we, no?

Photo: Bianca Umali Facebook page


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