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If millennials still confuse you, may we suggest you follow these five illustrators on Facebook?

Apart from insane drawings, these talented illustrators are so on-point with their message and their messaging, that millennials easily relate to them; They express best the so-called millennial ~feels~.

Check out this 5 Facebook illustrators that will make you hit the ‘like’ button.


1. Huhsmile

All of us might know her and might have shared one or two of her works on our own timeline.

Huhsmile is a Facebook page created by Eunice Gatdula, a Multimedia Arts graduate from Asia Pacific College, best known for her works that depict social awareness and controversial issues. She fights against the stigma of birth control, and has much to say about sexuality and cat-calling.

Eunice doesn’t want to limit herself when it comes to art style and techniques. When asked to describe her art she says, “I think, if anything, my art is honest—to myself at least. My art tries to communicate and talk about things, and I think it does that in the most honest way I can conjure it.”

She uses her art as a platform to start talking about “difficult” topics in our society. For her, it is really a good thing regardless of the amount of reactions that anyone can get.



2. Marianie

Have you seen an illustration describing funny moments of your life or dealing with ‘adulting’? Well, they’re probably by Marian Hukom, a third-year Multimedia Arts student at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. She describes her art as something vivid and colorful, highly influenced by Scott Pilgrim and Ligaya Comics.

Her page used to be called “Mariaaannniiiee” which makes it hard for her followers to remember so she decided to shortened it. Marian told MB Life that “Marianie” came from her dad, a name he’d use to call her out whenever she oversleeps—which is a lot.

Marianie is currently working on her Rizal passion project, where she recreates portraits of our National Hero’s ex-lovers. Interesting!



3. Guhitkwentokulay

Guhitkwentokulay started in 2010. It was created by a commerce graduate—now a full-time animator based in Pasig City—who likes to draw anything and everything under the sun.

Because every illustration speaks—from the seriousness of current issues down to small, inane moments of life— it’s not surprising that pretty much everyone can relate to Guhitkwentokulay.

When asked about the usual themes and subjects of his illustrations, he said, “Ito yung mga bagay na hindi pwedeng mangyari, mga bagay na hindi pwedeng sabihin, mga sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na ako lang ang nakakarinig. Mga bagay na iniisip ko na sana mangyari at hindi mangyari. Mga kanta na narinig ko, nabasa sa libro at pader, napanuod kung saan, at ginagawa. Lahat ng bagay na walang kinalaman sa buhay nating lahat. ”



4. Asshulz

Facebook illustrator Mac Andre Arboleda is a Development Communication student in University of the Philippines Los Baños. He is also a freelance graphic designer and a cartoonist for their school newspaper. He calls his page “Asshulz” because that’s how he describes himself in real life: “Kind of an asshole.”

Mac grew up reading Sunday comics and American cartoonist Daniel Clowe is a big influence on him. Basically, his digital drawings are about fictional funny conversations. Most of it are things that he or everybody would actually say in real life. While some are the “exaggerated versions” of people he encounters, and the rest are things that are either weird or too offensive for Facebook’s “community standards.”



5. Ambula

“Baes” is a licensed nurse with a master’s degree, who considers drawing his hobby. “Ambula” originated from a Kapampangan term that means “sinabawang kanin” which you can buy in Tarlac and Pampanga for only P25.

This, in Baes-speak, means “sinabawang pages na para sa masa.” That’s why most of the time, he uses Tagalog, Taglish, and Bekinese.

He just ventured into digital arts nine months ago using his touch pad and his 8-year old laptop, which is why he considers his style limited; he is still exploring the world of digital artistry.

The usual subjects of his art is relatable life experiences and about social awareness. As seen through his works, Baes influences are Bill Waterson, Manix Abrera, Huhsmile and Dead Balagtas.



Illustrations by: Huhsmile, Marianie, Guhitkwentokulay, Asshulz, Ambula

Header image: Madel Crudo


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