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Seeing an old couple who still look at each other’s eyes like love-struck teenagers would be the realest definition of love. But the couple we’re about to feature is not just an ordinary couple. They have a country to serve and love as much!

Just look at Japan’s royal couple dance in this video from ANN News:

His Majesty Emperor Akihito, 82 years old, and 81-year-old Empress Michiko got married in April 1959. They are currently in the country for a five-day state visit.

The two met during a tennis tournament at Karuizawa in 1957, where the then commoner Michiko emerged victorious against Akihito’s team. Their meeting was dubbed as a real fairytale and a “romance of the tennis court”.

Although their love story is kept hidden from the public, seeing how they treat each other, how they gaze into each other’s eyes, and how they look after each other in media clips is quite enough to make any girl (or guy) wish upon a star to find someone who’ll stay as strong and long as the 50 years that they’ve been.

The 125th emperor and empress of Japan now have three children.

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