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Pampanga has always been the chosen stopover for long road trips up north. But with delicious restaurants cropping up left and right, the home province of sisig may just turn into a rightful destination, a reason to get up and get driving.

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Below, we point to 8 restaurants, which can cover for all meals of a three-day vacation.

1. Everybody’s Café
This classic, long-time favorite from the ’60s actually stands in two locations in Pampanga. The one on McArthur Hi-way is a total time machine that will send you straight back to the ‘60s, when the restaurant was born. The restaurant is turo-turo with several dishes on display, making ordering rather confusing. Just ask the friendly wait staff for an order of Morcon with duck, eggs, chorizo, and queso de bola, served with its sinful drippings; the amazingly crunchy Sisig; and well the Betute. Finish it either with the tsokolate batirol or sago’t gulaman and you’re more than good to go. McArthur Hi-way, Del Pilar, San Fernando, Pampanga. +6345 8870361. 7am-9pm

2. Downtown 1956 Café
None other than Chef Claude Tayag owns Downtown 1956. If that name drop doesn’t move you to make the pin drop, there must be something very wrong with you. Inspired by 1960s Binondo, the café has more of an American Diner vibe, a vintage Coca Cola signage popping out of that aquamarine colored walls. It has a long menu with a dazzling array of Kapampangan dishes, with the all day breakfast section always seeming to cockblock the rest. An unfortunate thing really because: (1) Lechon Taco, (2) Pan de Bagnet (3) Begucan Sisig—should we go on? Unit 1-B, The Quad at Nepo, Angeles City, Pampanga. +63917 5359198. 10am-10pm

3. Yu-Fu-In Yakiniku
A P1,150-yakiniku platter that is more than enough to feed two to three people? Yep, you read it right. Their platter consists of different cuts of U.S. beef ranging from fatty to lean, short ribs, belly, hanging tender, beef tongue, and intestines. When you order this on their menu, a charcoal brazier is brought to you, along with signature sauces and plates of appetizers. What a deal!  1st St, Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga. +6345 3040255. 10am-12am

4. Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery
Banh Mi’s signature dish is their beef pho with clear and subtle broth, chewy noodles, slices of beef brisket, and green onions. They also made their own cold cuts, pate, and Vietnamese sausage that they put on their banh mi and rice topping combinations. Weight-watchers and health-conscious peeps will delight in the super salad, which has a combination of 10 different vegetables seasoned with apple cider vinegar dressing. Jesus St, Angeles, Pampanga.+6345 8885805. 12pm-9pm

5. Banh Mi Ngon
Located along the Fields Avenue, Banh Mi Ngon specializes in sandwiches, beef pho, and fried spring rolls. Their cold Vietnamese coffee, cold lime drink, and their homemade guyabano juice. The owner also makes and bottles Banh Mi Ngon’s own Vietnamese chili sauce so you can take a bottle and experience the kick of that Vietnamese spiciness at the comfort of your own home. 2513 Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Pampanga. +63 915 4934039. 11am-10pm

6. SakuSaku Chicken
If you like spicy food, SakuSaku’s chicken has your name written all over it. The crispy fried chicken has this extremely hot sauce with a slight sweetness along the side that will make you gulp pitchers of water! Their chicken gizzards are also good for people who don’t want to have their tongue burn. We suggests that you order the plain fried chicken with spicy sauce on the side so you can control the spiciness. You’re welcome. Friendship Highway (Korea Town), Angeles City, Pampanga. +63906 6520674. 10am-10pm

7. Daehyun Mexican Chicken
This 24-hour Mexican joint’s specialty crisp fried chicken coated in a sweet and mildly spicy sauce is a must try. Eat it best with their thin, with crisp edges, and filled with fresh squid, shrimps, seafood pancake. Friendship Highway (Korea Town), Angeles City, Pampanga. 24/7

8. Snow Bingsu
After all the main dishes that you’ve tried, you may want to try this bingsu from Snow Bingsu. They are located at the corner of Korea Town and Fields Avenue. This milky shaved fine ice will make you feel the summery vibes. For the ultimate bingsu experience, order their melon bingsu, which is made with sweet honeydew melon. Friendship Highway (Korea Town), Angeles City, Pampanga.  +63918 277 0404.
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