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Everybody is abuzzed with the ongoing festivities of The Miss Universe pageant. The coronation night is drawing near which means it’s time for Pia Wurtzbach to pass on her crown. *cries*

In one year, Queen Pia became an icon of beauty, brains and confidence. Her journey has inspired and continues to inspire all of us to be confidently beautiful with a heart. Below are seven life lessons we picked up from our Queen, for which we’ll forever be grateful. You make us proud, Queen P!

1. On focusing on your goals:

“Don’t let anything distract you, don’t let people who don’t believe in you distract you. Focus, work hard, and every day, you should be working towards your goal. There’s no time to slack off. Nothing is given to you for free. You work hard for it,” Pia said in an interview with

2. On being a little different:

Empowering women 140-characters at a time, our queen tweeted, “Ladies, don’t mind the little imperfections because those are the things that get noticed first. And to be noticed means to be unique.”

3. On reaching your dreams:

During her homecoming press conference after winning the crown, Pia told everyone in the room that faith is the key to achieve our dreams.“Don’t lose your faith. That’s the most important thing. You will encounter challenges that will frustrate you, but don’t ever lose your faith,” GMA News quotes her as saying.

4. On facing life challenges:

Mahirap pero dapat ‘di kayo bumibitiw, eh. I know it sounds difficult to do. You can’t let go, you have to really believe that it can, it will, and it’s not gonna be easy at all,” she also said during the same homecoming press conference last year.

5. On working hard for success:

“Sometimes you’d throw away 100 percent, and still (have) nothing. But there’s a lesson here. You have to trust what you really want, and it’s there. It’s going take a while but you just have to work hard, have the discipline for it.”

6. On being authentic:

During the said homecoming press conference, we learned from Pia staying true to onesself is really important. She said, “The most important lesson I’ve learned in joining competitions is that you have to be authentic, you have to be genuine. You can’t fake it because it’s exhausting to do from day one through the day of the pageant night. You can’t pretend to be somebody; you just have to go into the competition and be yourself.”

7. On never giving up your dreams:

“I hope that my story can become an inspiration to all on determination, discipline, faith. and hard work. Even after the Miss Universe pageant, I hope that people could learn this lesson from me: Never give up on dreams because you’ll never know, it could happen to you,”Coconuts Manila caught Pia saying at the same homecoming press conference.

To Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, congratulations! As you end your journey in Miss Universe, we thank you for reminding us that everything is achievable when you work hard for it. Thank you for making us proud.

You are the living truth that one must not easily give up and that dreams do really come true. We will miss you, Queen P! Keep on inspiring everyone.


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