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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is the newest craze to hit Manila, with countless posts and memes surfacing and remaining viral on social media for days on end. Speaking from a girl’s perspective, WFKBJ is definitely #relatable. Below, we name 11 reasons why and how WFKBJ stole our hearts.

1. Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung is the cutest couple ever
Kim Bok-Joo and Jung Joon-Hyung portrayed by Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-Hyuk respectively are perfect for each other! Friendship that started from asaran that later on blossomed to something cute and romantic, they’re definitely this generation’s version of Joaquin and Peachy. While their little acts of kindness and lambing are too cute to fall in love with, it’s when they get jealous that really has us kilig. Seriously, can they date in real life too?


2. The weightlifting trio is our kind of #friendshipgoals
Through thick and thin, Bok-Joo’s friendship with her besties Seon-Ok and Nan-Hee is one for the books! Their closeness SWEEG—see #6—that no matter what problems and misunderstandings come their way, they always have each other’s back. #Friendshipgoals?

3. Joon-Hyung is the sweetest boyfriend ever
Handsome, sweet, most thoughtful, kind, caring, adorable, Joon-Hyung is IT. We mean: Have you seen how he treats Bok Joo like a total queen? How sweet and caring and gah our ovaries are shookt. Every girl—i.e. we—is crushing hard on him, and understandably so.


4. Kim Bok-Joo is us 
Just like weightlifting fairy, her sense of fashion, her love for her friends, her family, her imperfections and insecurities—how do we look, how to act properly in front of our crush—Kim Bok Joo has taught us to stay true to ourselves. She reminds us to always chase our dreams. And most importantly, that it’s the beauty within ladies, it’s the beauty within.


5. There’s no I in TEAM
The weightlifting team proved that everything can be achieved if you work together. When tough times comes you will always have each other to cheer you up.

6. S-W-E-E-G is our new definition of AWESOME
How’s this? Should it be SWAG? SWEG? SWEEG? Whatever it is, thank you weightlifting trio bffs, you are all SWEEEEG!


7. The whole cast is adorbs
Look at the gymnasts, and the weightlifting team, Bok-Joo’s dad and her uncle uncle, special mention Joon-Hyung’s bestfriend Tae-Kwon, and Dr. Jung and Ah-Young—haaay all of them plays such a significant role helping this drama stand out from all the rest. Hoping for a season 2 please?! *cries*


8. Flirting 101 from Bok Joo and Nan Hee
How to ask your crush? Try the Nan Hee and Bok Joo way, it may help you find your own Joon-Hyung too. Soooo, uhmm “Do you like Messi?” *wink*


9. Si Ho taught us to live life without regrets
Si Ho taught us to embrace the beauty of life, pain, struggle and pressure be damned. Leave the pain of yesterday and embrace a new and better version of yourself.

10. Joon Hyung and Bok Joo made us realize the value of family
There will always be some misunderstanding and tampuhan within our family, but after all been said and done, family will always have your back. This couple made us realize that our relationship with our family is indeed a gem!


11. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo taught us to hope and chase our dreams
Just like all stories with a happy ending, Weightlifting Fairy taught us to dream high and follow our dreams. Just like all the athletes in the story, our life is like a game of events, sometimes we win sometimes we lose, but amidst all that struggles in life, there will always be happy ending and victory in the end.


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