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This is why Sa Wakas is such a success: There really is nothing like seeing the brilliant, heartbreaking, life-affirming narratives of Sugarfree songs come to life. No wonder the play been extended to Feb 12. Below, are five ~feels~ that you’ll experience sitting in the dark theater, watching the play.


1. The rush of falling in love. No matter the kind of love you happen to fall into—your high school romance, that reckless and rebellious come-what-may relationship your parents hated, to the idealist I’ll-give-you-the-world puppy love—they all have the same rush. And Sa Wakas will make you remember, nay, live through that rush in one night.

2. The paralysis of a broken heart. Sa Wakas doesn’t avoid the ugly, messy side to relationships—the hardships and dark times, the frustration that makes you want to end things, that flicker of hope that makes you stay, the bitter realization thereafter that you’re being idealistic.

3. The grounded footing of moving on. The whole musical will ease the tightness in your chest. It will help you realize that you need to focus on your future than your past.

4. The refreshing freedom that loving life gives you. The musical’s characters are all so relatable, they will remind you that we’re all imperfect and we’re all in this struggle together and life may be hard, but it sure is amazing.

5. The quiet peace of finally being okay. The musical is almost like a time machine, bringing you back to when you were in love, to when that love broke you, to when you’re finally healed.

[Manila Bulletin; Photo: Sa Wakas | Facebook]


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