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“The biggest fear for a millennial is to be lost in today’s world. They want to know that they can make a difference.”

Have you ever felt unsure about the path you’re taking? Having a career crisis? Feeling inferior to your peers? Are you tired of being labeled as a workplace utusan just because you’re a greenhorn? Do these questions make you feel lost with your life?

These are just some of the worries that millennials or those belonging to the Generation Y are facing/faced/will face at some point in their lives.

Your buddies at MB Life has some tips for you to find your inner voice, regain your path, and make your leadership skills stand out – whether in school, in the workplace, or just within your circle of friends.

In the recent global leadership boot camp hosted by ITD World, in partnership with Together We Can Change the World Foundation, MB Life got the chance to interview San Francisco’s Find Your Voice executive coach Paul N. Larson.

According to Larson, who describes himself as a millennial times two, the biggest fear of the Generation Y is to be lost in today’s world. He offers 10 steps to stand out and find your voice in a world bombarded with mixed point of views.

  1. Identify your value and purpose. Ask yourself:
    • What’s the most important thing to you?
    • What makes you tick?
    • What compels you to get up in the morning?
    • What makes you smile?
    • What makes you angry?
    • What makes you frustrated?
  2. Get in line with your values so as not to come out as a leader who is lost. Detail out what’s important to you as a leader. Declare your values and act on it — don’t just post things that you want to happen. Make it happen!
  3. Stand out. Be distinct. What makes you different as a leader? Don’t be afraid to be different. Know what sets you apart for you’ll be remembered for that.
  4. Identify your brand. The key is to be very deliberate and very conscious about who you are, what you want, and where you stand. Focus on two to four things that sets you apart from your peers and other leaders. Settling for the bandwagon will make you no different from others.
  5. Seize your potential. Study, read, and explore in order to learn! You’re still young and filled with energy, best thing to do is put it to good use.
  6. Set your vision and create outcomes. Make it compelling that it can drive not just you, but also the people around you. What will make people say: “Wow, I want to work with that person”?
  7. Influence and establish trust, credibility, respect. Influence is key to gain people’s trust. People nowadays are not too trusting. Don’t just tell people to do something; rather, let them know your point of view. You have a lot of potential to be a successful leader– not an arrogant dictator.
  8. Discover and expand the limits of your comfort zone. Step out. Voice out your opinions. Step out of the shadows and be heard.
  9. Be courageous and confident. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Make mistakes and learn from them. The best things in life sometimes stem out from the worst mistakes we make. Agree?
  10. Communicate and express to create a lasting expression. Social media is a wonderful tool for this, but remember how deliberate you are with your values and brand. Just because everyone’s sharing and posting about something does not necessarily mean it should involve you. Be firm with your values, which brings us back to Step One.


Fear not…you can achieve just about anything one step at a time.

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