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We live for things like this, really. At about lunch time today, Tuesday, Jan 24, Caila Arceo posted on Facebook a cute recruitment booboo she committed on text.

“Hi Marie Caila,” a foreign number texted her, to which she replied: “Tang ina buong buo ha.”

The foreign number turned out to belong to a recruiter from Stratworth Solutions, a recruitment agency that was inviting her for an interview.



TV Show host Luis Manzano picks up on the booboo and swiftly posts it in his Instagram account, where very many people took notice. It soon turned viral and, going in full circle, reached Stratworth.

The recruitment agency, proving to be very social media-savvy with spot-on humor, screencapped Luis’s IG post and reposts it on their Facebook page with a note directed to, ehem, Marie Caila: “Dear Marie Caila, Thank you very much for your Facebook post. WE ARE TRENDING,” the Stratworth post read.

Of course that went viral, too, reaching back Maria Caila, who must’ve fallen off her chair. She reposts Stratworth’s post and follows it up with a sweet ending: Another screen cap, this time of a private message from the same company telling her that yes, the interview is still on. They called her Caila this time.

Caila! We hope you get the job! And even if you don’t—you’re already a winner in our books. Congratulations! Check out the timeline of events starting from the original booboo:







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