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This year’s edition of the annual Spring Film Festival is seeing a major change: Instead of 10 films, it’s only screening six this year, all for free.

You heard that right: Free. They will be screening from today, Jan 25 until Sunday, Jan 29.

Wolf Totem
Wolf Totem

“Our aim is for young Filipinos to come and watch out films,” says Sidney Christopher Bata, Director of Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies of Ateneo de Manila University, which is organizing the event with the Cultural Section of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Confucius Institute, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Credit Suisse, as well as the Shang Plaza and Ateneo Celadon.

“Nu’ng nag-charge kami, konti lang ang dumadalo, so we decided to do it for free,” he adds.

Even better, the films are just 1 to 2 hours long, which are the “mga pambato ng Chinese cinema right now,” Sidney says.

Check them out below:

Wolf Totem (2015). China’s foreign film entry to the 2015 Oscars headlines the Spring Film Festival 2017. Wolf Totem is about a young Beijing student who was sent to live among the nomadic herdsmen of Inner Mongolia. Somewhere down south is the advance of civilization and up north, are the wolves, the nomads’ enemies; and here the Beijing student adopts a wolf cub.
Screening schedule: Jan 27, 4:30pm. Jan 29, 7pm

Red Amnesia
Red Amnesia

Red Amnesia (2014). Xiaoshuai Wang’s movie about an old woman determined to remain useful received honors from the 2014 Asia Pacific Screen Awards as well as the 2015 Munich Film Festival. This one will tug at your heart if you specially love your grandparents.
Screening schedule: Jan 25, 2pm. Jan 26, 7pm. Jan 29, 2pm.

Horseplay (2014). Here’s a complicated story that will give you thrilling action and thigh-slapping comedy. A journalist tracking down an art thief, who asks for her help, as a detective also asks for her help tracking down the artist. How do you say oh no in Chinese?
Screening schedule: Jan 27, 2pm. Jan 28, 4:30pm.

Book of Love (2016). A follow-up to the 2013 hit Finding Mr Right, Book of Love is a Chinese romcom that agrees with your tita’s favorite piece of love advice: You’ll find love in the most unexpected of places.
Screening schedule: Jan 25, 4:30pm. Jan 28, 7pm.

Everybody's Fine
Everybody’s Fine

Everybody’s Fine (2016). What happens when the four children of widower Guan Zhiguo, who were scheduled to visit him for the summer flake out on him last minute? Well, he goes out to look for them, that’s what! The heartwarming Everybody’s Fine promises a good laugh.
Screening schedule: Jan 26, 4:30pm. Jan 28, 2pm. Jan 29, 4:30pm.

A Complicated Story (2013). Liu Yazi is a mainland immigrant in Hong Kong who takes up the offer of a tabloid starlet to become a surrogate mother. But when the contract is terminated, Liu Yazi decides to keep the child. With the biological dad gets involved, viewers can be sure of a total telenovela storyline.
Screening schedule: Jan 26, 2pm. Jan 27, 7pm.


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