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Belgium is best known for two things: Its chocolate and its beer. While everybody has good access to the former, the latter is harder to come by. Thankfully however, this is about to change.

Les Deux Belges is a Manila-based importer who plans to bring the best of Belgian products to the Philippines. It was established in 2016 by two Belgians, Gregory Tutt and Emmanuel de Ghellinck, who have been residing in the Philippines for about a decade now. Of course, beer is at the top of their priority.


Les Deux Belges has partnered up with several notable local breweries in Belgium to make Belgian beers more accessible in the city. Cue: Collective screams of delight.

At the soft launching of Les Deux Belges in Le Café Curieux on Jan 19, MB Life had the chance to try some of their offerings. On the menu is a wide variety of whiskey and bottled beers, ranging from P120 to P220 per bottle.

There’s Manneken Pils (P120), for those who want a straightforward taste with a complex supple flavor—almost like Pilsen, if you will. And then there are the fruit-flavored beers that are recommended for those on a diet. The Belgian Peches (P220) and Cuvee Des Trolls have low alcohol content with a light sparkling taste made from natural fruits.


If you like your beer sweet and think, the Barbar Blonde (P220) has a creamy taste with hints of honey, while the Gulden Draak (P220) is a dark tipple with hints of caramel, coffee, and roasted malt.

And then there are the heavy weights that beer connoisseurs and snobs cannot ignore. Les Deux Belges will be make available Abbey and Trappist beers, made by monks. The Westmalle Triple (P220) that we tried has a complex taste. Creamy, bitter, with a strange surprisingly fruity scent.

But it was the Hopus (P220) that did it for us. It was served with a Tulip-style glass and a separate shot glass. Most of the beer was poured on the Tulip-style glass with the shot glass, reserved for the yeast residue of the Hopus bottle. You drink the beer first, with the residue acting as kicker. We couldn’t help but murmur a deep amen, only to remember this wasn’t a trappist beer.

According to Mr. Tutt the beers are especially brewed and crafted for the Philippine market. They’re imported straight from Belgium, shipped in a refrigerated container, ensuring freshness.

As per where we can get these beers, Mr. Tutt says he’ll keep us updated.

Photo by: Les Deux Belges


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