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The Department of Tourism just released a new video and it’s aiming straight for your heart.

Just over a minute long, the video follows a lone Caucasian traveler who’s going out on an adventure around the Philippine islands.


He finds himself in Surigao’s Enchanted River, where he comes across a Filipino family having a cute little picnic in a corner.

In the same way the mother gives her children each an ube cone, she hands one to the stranger and calls him anak.

He then asks what we presume to be his guide what anak means. And then we see him melt a little when the word was translated to him.

It’s a lot different from DOT’s previous outings which were big, loud, and fast; hard sell, if you will. This time, the DOT is going soft and quiet—and though it feels like it’ll tug at the heart of Filipinos more than foreigners, the change in pace is to great effect.

Watch it below:


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