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If you’re also doing everything you can to ensure we won’t be a repeat of the clusterfck that was last year, may we suggest you welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster chowing down any or all of these six delicious dishes? Note: Chinese New Year is already on Saturday, so get booking!


1. Prosperity Toss dish. It could be noodles, it could be a salad. Whatever it is, toss the damn thing as high as possible. The higher the toss the luckier you’ll get, the Chinese say. And then eat it.

2. Black moss. According to Chinese culture, black moss symbolizes prosperity. At Lung Hin in Marco Polo Ortigas, Executive Chef Raymond Yeung puts the seaweed in the braised pork tongue and dried oyster soup because those two items are also associated with good business.

3. Prawns. Apparently, prawns mean happiness and laughter for the Chinese. Eat a lot of them for a happier and laughter-filled 2017.

4. Anything red. Red wine, red dates, whatever. Red is considered lucky.

5. Rice. This symbolizes abundance. According to Chef Raymond, “to eat rice in winter means you will have enough rice to eat for the whole year.”

6. Tikoy. Ah, but what is Chinese New Year without Tikoy? This deliciously sticky food item means togetherness for the whole family.

These dishes are included in Lung Hin’s Yin and Yang menus, which are only available on Saturday, Jan 28. Marco Polo Ortigas +632 7207777

[Manila Bulletin]


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