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Aside from Maxine Medina‘s stunning look last night at the Preliminary show of Miss Universe, other candidates were quite a show stopper in their evening dresses.

They made us take a screen cap to bring to our modista so she can copy.

1. Miss Denmark

Denmark 2


The cool and shimmering color of her gown is so refreshing to the eyes!

2. Miss France

France 2


The yellow dress not only showcased Miss France’s volumptuous figure, it totally stood out from a sea of reds and silvers that dominated the stage.

3. Miss Germany

Germany 2


How sweet is this serpetine cut dress? It falls perfectly, hugging Miss Germany’s body at all the right places. We’re loving how the lace lets her skin peek out a little bit.

4. Miss India



Is it the plunging neck line? The slit? We can’t quite put a finger on it, but there’s something elegantly sexy about Miss India’s red dress.

5. Miss Singapore

Singapore 2


We like that Miss Singapore’s is fun, sexy, flirty, and young…don’t you think?

6. Miss Jamaica

Jamaica 2


Similar to Miss India’s except Miss Jamaica’s is a little bit more conservative.

7. Miss Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan 2


Look at the amazing details of Miss Kazakhstan’s dress. Ball gown kung ball gown!

8. Miss Korea

Korea 2


Miss Korea’s bejeweled dress is IMHO, the only standout of the night. Even the colors were unexpected!

9. Miss Thailand

Thailand 2


Don’t let that graceful neckline fool you. Miss Thailand’s is setting pageant fashion to a whole new level. This number has her looking like she came from the MET gala. That high bun of hers looks like it’s ready and waiting for the crown.

10. Miss Venezuela

Venezuela 2


At first we wondered how many birds lost their feather for the skirt, and then she took it off, revealing her top to be a beaded one-piece long dress. We totally forgot about the birds.

Photo: Screengrabbed from Miss Universe; With additional reports from Nicole Cordoves


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