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Seeing all 86 candidates parading in their national costumes was entertaining to say the least. Below are 10 candidates whose national costumes are so outrageous we could feel little sparks of life in our deadened all-weeked out brains.

1. Miss Myanmar. She carried her own backdrop on her head, people! A backdrop on her head! That’s because Miss Myanmar Htet Htet Htun came as a traditional puppet.

2. Miss Germany. If Miss Myanmar carried a backdrop on her head, Germany had a castle headdress. A castle.

3. Miss Thailand. So this explains the 17 pieces of luggage coming here.

4. Miss Indonesia. Golden wings, baby! No, Miss Indonesia came as the “Garuda Unity in Diversity.”

5. Miss Sweden. It’s actually the same dress as her evening dress, except, she put on an orange wig and carried a giant cut-out cardboard horse.

6. Miss USA. We super loved that she came as an American gladiator. Too bad she had a wardrobe malfunction.

7. Miss Canada. She came as a snowflake. And we don’t know what to say anymore.

8. Miss Malaysia. Wearing the Petronas Tower on her sleeves, Miss Malaysia looked like she came straight out of a sci-fi movie.

9. Miss Netherlands. Where others had wings, Miss Netherlands featured a windmill on her back.

10. Miss Israel. We’re loving Miss Israel because she came as Eve, complete with a snake and an apple.

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