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Are you tired of being bombarded with campaign ads and presidential candidates promising just about everything, engaging in word wars, or about to slap one another on live television?

Let’s all take a break and make the upcoming May 2016 elections more fun by trying out a new game designed just for the national polls.

Vote Clicker logo

Rodrigo Duterte

Miriam Santiago

Taking serious matters on a lighter note, Popsicle Games has created a campaign-related clicking game called Vote Clicker using crowd-sourced voting. Instead of bashing each other on social media, supporters can go to this mobile application to vote for their presidential bet, which will be tallied along with votes from other players.

But wait, there’s more! Points will be earned from voting and can be used to upgrade your own “Propaganda Machine” and “Campaign Program” items. Feels like you’re participating in the actual campaigns, right?

Details about the candidates are also available on both the app and their site.

MB Life got in touch with co-founder James Chua to get more details about this fun app.

Mar Roxas

Jejomar Binay

“We wanted to create a game that just about anyone can play — a game with easy-to-grasp mechanics and a universally interesting theme. The idea of elections and clickers just seemed like a perfect fit,” explained Chua.

“Elections and politics are things that everybody has an opinion on. The internet has just made sharing views easier. People are passionate and expressive about our presidential candidates — a fact that inspired us to actually put them into the game,” he added.

Grace Poe

Aside from the fun aspect of the app and monitoring the votes for each candidate, the
team wanted to make players “feel like part of a community that they can directly influence to some degree”.
All these were done to foster a spirit of healthy competition among players of different political opinions with no bad mouthing and no long, meandering internet debates. Yes, let’s all stop the social media hate now, shall we?

The app is now available on both iOS and Android devices. Let’s see who will win the hearts of the app-active voters. Who among Jejomar Binay, Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe, Mar Roxas, and Miriam Santiago will be declared as the President of the Vote Clicker republic?

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