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Like the rest of the universe, we got up earlier than usual on Monday morning because the coronation night was on. We got treated to a very good show—it was fast, it was entertaining, it was modern, and in these trying times, the question and answer portion all felt so relevant. Below, we name our favorite moments.


1. When Steve Harvey good-naturedly introduced himself as “that guy from last year.” Loving his humor!

2. FloRida opening the show. The pulsating energy was better than the triple shot espresso we were having.

3. That there was an army reserve, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, among others landed in the Top 9. Could it be that the narrative and values of what is supposed to be an “old sexiest” tradition changing? We love that it’s happening right in our lifetime.

4. Curvy women are finally getting noticed. And we’re giving credit where credit is due: Thank you Miss Canada for showing the world—nay, the universe—that curves are nothing to be ashamed of.

5. Boys II Men’s serenade. We don’t know about the millennials, but Gen X-ers from the ‘90s totally got a kick out of the serenade. We’re missing Michael McCary’s bass tones, but we feel like after seeing the show, he’s probably missing being in Boys II Men, too.

6. Pia Wurtzbach’s final walk. It was fast, it was sharp, she looked lovely in her color, and her speech? Heartfelt and beautiful. We’re going to miss this queen.

7. Seeing the Top 3 in their matching champagne dresses. Great minds think alike, indeed! It was so beautiful to see the Top 3 in their gleaming champagne dresses, huddled together, all in a row waiting for their turn during the question and answer, waiting for the results, all looking regal.

8. Pia Wurtzbach giving Steve Harvey a pair of eyeglasses. This is, perhaps, the best demonstration of that good ol’ saying: When life gives you lemons, make lemonades. Or the one about tango: If you get tangled in, just tango on. Pia and Steve totally owned the mistake from last year, built from that and used it to make this year’s funnier, more entertaining and more real.


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