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Newly opened at the second floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig is Wok2Go, a new casual dining concept that is, apologies for the name drop, almost comparable to Salad Stop in its emphasis on healthy eating and allowing its diners to customize the food.


Except, Wok2Go remains true to the Filipino taste and does not forego…rice. Glorious and filling kanin.

Each Wok2Go meal features the go, grow, and glow food groups, and then some. You start by selecting one from eight sauce variants from all over the world. There’s one from Korea (Gochujan), one from Hong Kong (Pepper), one from Indonesia (Rujak), Teriyaki from Japan, Green Curry from Thailand, and Binagoongan, Adobo, and Sinigang from yours truly.

And then comes the go, grow, and glow part: You select your carb (white rice, rice noodles, mixed vegetables, or, red rice). And then you pick your meat (beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, or squid) and then put some add-ons if you still want to spruce your meal up. Each carb, meat, and add-on choice carries its own price tag, with a typical meal costing about P200, give or take.

There are about 1,760 possible combinations, with the Hong Kong Pepper sauces becoming an early favorite among diners.

We tried the Green Curry with mixed vegetables and shrimps for good measure, and it was delightful, to say the least. The Green Curry sauce achieved quite a balance: it did not hold back on the spice, but it did not intimidate either.

We like that the servers were knowledgable and helpful: while ordering at the counter, they warned us that our meal will turn watery because of the mixed veggies. It did, but we were well-prepared.

Dressed up like a food truck, the restaurant features huge windows by which you can watch the chefs cook your food—a testament that what you’re paying for is freshly cooked. It only has a 12-seater bar plus three tables outside, which, along with the cute Chinese takeout packaging, suggest Wok2Go is best as a takout.

According to Wok2Go peeps, they’re planning to open in Makati and Quezon City. Here’s hoping they consider Pasig, Pasay, Mandaluyong, Manila, and Muntilupa, too. Lord knows the city needs more places like this: healthy and affordable.

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