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In case you haven’t heard: You can actually donate your old, unwanted clothes—of any brand, if we may add and in any condition, too—in any of the H&M stores in the Philippines. The “Bring it On” campaign, which started in 2013, is H&M’s way of “closing the fashion loop.”


According to its website, H&M will sort these old unwanted garments into four basic categories:

  • Rewear are garments that can be worn again are redistributed as secondhand goods
  • Reuse are those that H&M can turn into other products like cleaning cloths
  • Recycle are garments they’ll turn into textile fibers that can be used for things like insulation material or new yarn for future products
  • Remake are garments can be upcycled and used to produce a new product of similar or greater value.

When first launched in 2013, H&M gathered more than 32,000 tons of  garments—that’s more fabric than 100 million t-shirts!

H&M estimates as much as 95% of clothing that’s been thrown away could have been used to make new products. This campaign is their way to minimize the risk of fashion going into landfills.

They’ve even produced a collection partly made out of recycled textiles already. Everybody, say hello to Close the Loop.

But wait, there’s more: for each kilogram of textiles that are collected, 0.02 euros will be donated to a local charity. In the Philippines, you get a 15% discount voucher for every bag of clothes donated. How’s that for a good cause?

Good job, H&M!

Photo: H&M | Facebook


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