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Festival here, festival there. Festival this, festival that.

If you’re gigil to put up your own festival—nay, if you’re gigil to have your own startup, but haven’t a clue on what to do, consider taking part and crowdfunding The Spark Project Festival, happening in June. Consider it a set of training wheels of sorts.


Back the truck up: The Spark Project (TSP) is a crowdfunding website that lets the public get business ideas off the ground by funding them. A few things we can thank The Spark Project for: awesome Gouache bags, refreshing drinks from Nipa Brew, Steep Coffee, the YAY journal, just to name a few.

TSP been setting off countless creative startups for four years already, it’s about time it gathers all its alumni brands for a…festival. “It’s our way of celebrating The Spark Community who has been with us and grown with us since we started,” Patch Dulay, founder of TSP says.

Apart from showcasing the best of TSP, there will be food and music and other things that can inspire folks to create even more awesome stuff. “We’d probably invite folks from the maker community, 3D printers, innovative tech startups,” Patch says in an email.

There are open-ended plans for a TED talk-like symposium from senior entrepreneurs who have inspired Patch like Maria Ressa and Steve Benitez, though he makes it clear that TSP hasn’t invited them yet.

Everything is still up in the air because in true crowdfunding fashion, the Spark Project has opened its festival for…crowdfunding. According to Patch, they’re trying to raise P150,000 to get the festival going. “The event will depend on the amount we will raise. If we get more than what we initially targeted, we can have a bigger venue, a better program of activities, etc.”

The Spark X Gouache bag that will be included in the Mystery Box
A prototype of the Spark X Gouache bag

Like most of its projects, the TSP Festival gives possible backing options to choose from, starting with P1,000 (which comes with a VIP Festival Ticket and one invite to the Kick Off Party) to P20,000 (which comes with four Spark Mystery Boxes, four limited edition Spark x Gouache Bags, eight Kick Off Party invites and eight VIP Festival tickets).

If you got stuck at the “Spark Mystery Box”—it becomes available from P3,000 up—Patch says it’s like a care package that contains special items from the best Spark brands. “Some of our coolest alumni projects are already on board and each brand is coming up with something special which we’ll all put inside a mystery box in exchange for everyone’s support.”

But not to worry: Even if they don’t meet the P150,000-target, the festival will still push through.

So yeah, what are you waiting for? The campaign is ongoing until February 28. We say, help this festival get off the ground!


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