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Malabon may not be as popular as other foodie destinations like Maginhawa, Kapitolyo, or even Marikina. But, guess what? There’s more where Pancit Malabon comes from.

The city produces some of the best kakanin you’ll taste in your life. It also has one of the best crispy patas to be had in Metro Manila.

Below, we list six Malabon eateries that locals love and take pride in; places that should put the city in the foodie’s radar.

1. Nanay’s Pancit Malabon
37 Gov. Pascual Ave, Malabon City. 9am-9pm

Pansit Malabon_02

Want to know what makes for the best-tasting Pancit Malabon? Thick and tender noodles covered in salty shrimp sauce and generously topped with fresh vegetables, seafood, and eggs. To distinguish it from pancit palabok, thick rice noodles are used. This is exactly what you will find in Nanay’s.

Nanay’s doesn’t scrimp on the veggies and seafood and serves it with hard-boiled eggs. A solo order costs P55 but it is best when it is for a group. It’s placed in a bilao and ranges from P200 (good for three) to P1,600 (good for a party of 40).

2. Dolor’s Kakanin
19 Gov. Pascual Ave., Brgy. Concepcion. +63 2 2812739, +63 2 4427242. 8am-8pm

Kakanin 2

This historic house of sweet delicacies started way back 1930s by Dolores Santos and is now managed by her family. It is known for their sapin-sapin or the layered glutinous rice packed in a bilao.

Their colorful layers of sapin-sapin (P70) is composed of red kutsinta, yellow mais, purple kalamay-ube, slight-yellow cassava, and brownish biko. Glutinous rice, coconut milk, and sugar are among the ingredients that make this delightful merienda.

3. Rody Day’s Restaurant
21 Gen. Luna St, Malabon City. +632 2814501. 6am-10pm


Don’t mistake Rody’s for just another roadside eatery. This restaurant serves a wide variety of Pinoy dishes: Calamares (P90), camaron (P90), hototay (P95), pancit bihon (P90), name it and they have it.

But Rody’s is most famous for its Torta (P90). Not your typical egg and meat omelette, Rody’s torta is topped with their signature sweet and sour sauce. You can choose from alimasag or meat in your dish. Bonus: their fried calamari is also a must try!

3. Jamico’s Restaurant
201 Gen. Luna St, Malabon City. +632 281 4193. Opens daily, 9am-10pm


Established in 1972, Jamico’s Restaurant is definitely a Malabon institution. It is the home of the famous Judy Ann’s crispy pata, often found in many a Best Of list. People often ask if it’s named after the famous actress, but nope. It is only but sweetly named after the owner’s daughter.

Judy Ann’s crispy pata has its tender and mildly sweet meat with its signature crispy pork skin. It is served with soy or chili sauce on the side. It’s only P500 and it’s good enough for a party of four. Definitely worth the drive!

5. Aling Upeng’s Quekiam
Malabon Market


Malabon residents will go through the thick market crowd, sweat and all, just for this quekiam. Delicious ground meat and veggies wrapped in a bean curd wrapper and then deep-fried until golden brown, Aling Upeng’s quekiam is served with a thick, asado-like sweet sauce. It’s like buying a slice of heaven for only P30.

6.  Arny Dading’s Peachy-Peachy
254 C. Arellano St. Malabon City. +632 2810637. 8am-8pm


There’s a reason why Arny Dading’s Pichi-Pichi is so damn famous. There’s nothing like it. It’s chewy, cheesy, and sweet! You can have either coconut or cheese topping the glutinous rice but take it from the owner: pichi-pichi topped with grated cheese is the best-seller. The price is ranging from P75 for 10 pcs to P355 for 50 pcs.


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