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James Reid on the cover is a gift as it is. But Garage Magazine went a step further, actually four steps further by having four different covers featuring James Reid on all of them.



Wondering why Garage put the hot young actor on the cover of its music issue? Well, in case you didn’t know, James’s first passion is music.

“He’s actually coming out with an album that he wrote, produced, recorded by himself,” Rey Ilagan, Garage’s Editor-in-Chief tells MB Life. “When we shot him last year, he told us the record should be ready this year.”

On all covers, you’ll be reminded of some pop stars and rock stars like Robin Thicke and Rolling Stones. “But they’re not explicit references,” Ilagan continues. “We looked a lot of artists and a lot of rock photography for inspiration.”

All covers were shot by BJ Pascual, who stayed true to the theme of music. The lensman kept in mind the style and aesthetic of American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who happens to be American rock star Patti Smith’s best friend! Talk about thematic.

Below, we lay out all four covers for you. Which one’s your favorite?


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