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Here’s proof that Sebastian’s Ice Cream knows exactly what everybody is looking for, and that Ian Carandang’s creativity knows no bounds.

For the entire month of February, you can get an, ehem, “Matinong Boyfriend,” “Matinong Girlfriend,” “Closure,” and “Unresolved Issues” at all Sebastian’s Ice Cream outlet.

As though delicious ice cream flavors aren’t enough, here Sebastian’s comes making us laugh and blush and maybe ordering two scoops of well, what we need.

“Matinong Boyfriend” is bittersweet chocolate ice cream with some rhum in it, made sexy by raspberry sorbet swirling in it.

“Matinong Girlfriend” meanwhile is cheese flavored ice cream with Cheetos in it.

If you want “Closure,” you’ll get something a bit more complex. “We take a light passionfruit cream base and steep in in black tea leaves and fresh dayap peel overnight to create a harmonious balance of flavors,” Sebastian’s Ice Cream describes the flavor on Facebook.

And not that we want any “Unresolved Issues,” but if you feel like you’re the one with the issues—it’s possible—perhaps it’s good to get a taste of your own medicine: Ampalaya sorbet with candied ampalaya.

All flavors are available all February long and in all Sebastian’s Ice cream locations—don’t say we didn’t tell you where you could find what you’re looking for. *wink wink*

It's February and Love is in the air once again!
It's February and Love is in the air once again!
Sometimes the most important relationship we ...
For those still healing from wounds inflicted by




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