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On Wednesday, Feb 1, a super angry—and we bet, a highly embarrassed—Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa berated and ordered seven cops involved in the robbery-extortion case of three Korean nationals to some pushups.

Pushups, ladies and gentlemen. Pushups.

Screen cap from ABS-CBN
Screen cap from ABS-CBN

Here’s the backstory: In December, seven cops allegedly charged into the Koreans’ house in Angeles, Pampanga, “for their alleged involved in illegal online gambling,” reports GMA News Online.

But the cops allegedly couldn’t come up with evidence. And so the policemen took some of the Koreans’ personal belongings, detained them and beat them up—allegedly.

According to reports, the Koreans were only released after a friend of theirs paid the cops some P310,000 in cold, hard cash.

The incident was brought to light after kidnap-the slay of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo.

The cops have been relieved and have placed under the restrictive custody of Angeles police. Their commanders have been sacked, too.

Everything’s preposterous really, but we couldn’t move on from the pushups. We mean, we’ve suffered through things infinitely more difficult that pushups.

1. Pullups. Everybody can agree with us when we say going against gravity, pulling yourself up to get your chin over a metal rod is way harder than simply pushing against the ground to lift yourself up 45 degrees from the ground. It would be a different discussion all together If Bato had them fall like a log. But he didn’t. So, yeah pullups is hell.

2. Trigonometry’s SINE, COSINE, Tangent party. We’re now responsible, tax-paying citizens, and we have yet to find an actual use of SINE COSINE and Tangent in our present lives. We’ve most definitely forgotten how to do them, but the trauma from almost not graduating high school because we bombed Trigo? We’re still recovering.

3. This math thing that went viral. It only feels easy because there is so much joy in the discussion and in trying to prove it’s 9 and not 1!

4. Losing the last 5 pounds. Losing the first 10 pounds was easy. We’re stuck at the last five pounds. We’ve given up alcohol, meat, bread, cheese and the weight scale just won’t budge! We’re contemplating water but that’s a stupid idea, we know.

5. Giving up sugar. More than meat, it’s sugar that we’re having trouble with. We mean, sure, it’s easy to give up candy and even chocolate. But man, how do we give up with rice and bread— that means sandwiches and pizza crust and taco shells, guys. Giving up sugar means drinking our coffee black, not eating cake, and ice cream.

6. Moving on from that bad breakup. Our last relationship ended in 2012. Five years later and we’re still here. Now, if we did those pushups, can somebody assure us we’ll be able to fucking move on already?

7. Moving on from the murder of your innocent kin. There are 7,000 people dead from Oplan Tokhang, some of them are innocent children. Tell us: How do you move on from that?


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