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So many questions! What could possibly top a chicken nugget bouquet? Is there a better boyfriend than the one who listens to your jokes about chicken nugget bouquets and gives you one? Is there anybody luckier than 19-year old Annika Aguinaldo?

She is the girl who received not a box of chocolate or an expensive bouquet of flowers but a delicious bouquet of chicken nuggets.

Photo grabbed from @AnnikaAgs

On Jan 22, she posted on Twitter about receiving a chicken nuggets bouquet and being the happiest girl on the planet. She even posted posts as proof.

Of course, Buzzfeed News picks up the story, where we learned that they first hung out together at a McDonald’s and that once Annika joked to Rico her boyfriend how she’d rather receive a bouquet of chicken nuggets instead of a bouquet of flowers.

Two Sundays ago, Rico surprised Annika with THE BEST BOUQUET EVER.

You see, we didn’t go OA and called it the best just because it’s a chicken nugget bouquet—though that’s a huge part of the reason.

It’s actually what’s behind it that kept us aww-ing for too long: He didn’t just listen to her joke. He actually remembered! And, he actually gave her one! We can’t say the same for a lot of guys we dated. Of course it would go viral.

But it here is where it gets better: McDonald’s Philippines noticed the couple and…set up a romantic date for the two, red table cloth and all.

Here’s hoping that cute reward from McDo will encourage more men to become more attentive to their girlfriends!


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