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Can you believe weddings are now on decline in the Philippines? ABS-CBN published the latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority, which said marriage has declined by 20.1 percent in a span of ten years, from 2005-2015.

And already, single women are side-smiling. No duh it’s declining. Being single is amazing. You can do whatever you want and whenever you want without having to compromise. We mean:

1. You are your own boss 


You can do anything at anytime. And when we say anytime, we mean any f*cking time. You want to Netflix and chill? go to sleep all day, or not take a shower? Go for it! You want to drink your favorite bottle of wine straight out of the bottle? Go for it! That bottle is all yours and no one will ever stop you. You are the boss of you. And it’s the greatest.

2. You can focus on your goals


When you’re in a relationship,there’s always someone you need to think of and consider. It’s hard to just think of yourself and your goals first. This is one of the many advantages of being single. Focusing on your goals alone will let you have all your time and it may help you improve your career.

3. You can spoil yourself rotten


If you want to have the Chickenjoy and spaghetti meal for breakfast. No one will stop you from eating all the junk you want! It may not be healthy, but you don’t have to defend your choices, tastes, or schedule to anyone. And the French fries on your plate are all yours, my friend.

4. There are no in-laws to deal with


When everyone in your family are married or in a relationship, expect your favorite Tita or Tito to ask you “Kumusta naman ang love life mo, hija/hijo?” It is annoying, we concede. But isn’t that better than dealing with in-laws? Something to think about and be grateful for.

5. You have a ton load of  alone time


Many married folks and yeah, parents, complain about never having time. Well, guess what: it’s a problem you don’t have. If having too much time is making you lonely, remember: A lot of people crave for that #MeTime. Use it: go on a pottery class, speed-date, read a book, get into gardening, travel. Time is a gift, consider yourself, ehem #blessed.

6. You get to spend time with your BFFs


Bffs are forever. They are always there whenever you need them. When you’re single AF, you can go out with friends of the opposite sex without concern of making anyone jealous. You can also get to experience the kilig of having a new crush with your besties!

7. Single pet parenting is the best!


Being a pet parent is kinda fulfilling. Going out on a walk or to the vet with your pet will enhance your sense of responsibility. And best, you don’t have to defend you being a dog person (when s/he happens to be a cat person). Yes, being in a relationship with your pet is pretty amazing.



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