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After receiving nonstop backlash for posting an utterly tasteless and incredibly unfunny rape joke on Saturday afternoon, Facebook page RBreezy was finally put down.

When MB Life checked at 9pm on Monday evening, we were met with the familiar response to something that’s been deleted. “Sorry, this content isn’t available anymore.” #relief


On Saturday afternoon, Feb 4, the Facebook page posted what they said was a joke: “Hindi ka magagahasa, kung eenjoyin mo.”

We mean. Really? That’s not just unfunny. It’s next-level offensive.

All through the remainder of the weekend until Monday morning, netizens reported the page and rallied for people to do the same.

While RBreezy did delete the post, enough reports had been filed for Facebook to bring the entire page down.

But just when we were ready to celebrate this small victory, Twitter reminded us that in the Internet, nothing ever dies. Administrators of RBreezy have quickly put up a new page. Ugh.

Much as we’d like to keep that sexist page dead, we are well aware that whoever is behind it has constitutional rights to free speech and can keep putting up new pages as much as he wants to. That’s just the sad fact of life.

And so we settle for the next best thing: To the good people of the Internet, congratulations. We have successfully put down the page, and guess what? We can do it again. All we need to do is keep vigilant and report when needed.






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