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Thank God for beauty vloggers. Their makeup tutorials and skincare tips have made every girl’s life so much easier! Not to mention beauty secrets that keep us looking—dare we say—beautiful.

There aren’t just more and more people are looking to beauty vloggers for skincare tips; more and more people are trying to become one.

We speak to Kris Lumagui and Anna Cay, two of the most sought after Pinay beauty vloggers with a combined YouTube following of over 160,000. They tell us what’s it like being a beauty vlogger.


When and why do you start your own YouTube channel?
Kris Lumagui, a 29-year old YouTube vlogger, started her own channel in 2012. “I would say that I’m a closeted YouTuber [in the beginning]. Nahihiya akong malaman ng mga tao na I was doing it. Nahihiya ako na malaman nila na I make YouTube videos as a hobby.”

Anna Cay, a 27-year old businesswoman and YouTuber,  started as an avid viewer of beauty vlogs when she is still taking up her Civil Engineering course at Mapua Institute of Technology. “The YouTube Beauty community was just starting back then. I literally learned how to do my own makeup through these helpful videos! And I also remember wanting to start my channel for so long but maybe it wasn’t my time back then. And now, my YouTube channel is one year and six months old.”

How do you come up with a unique content?

Being observant and inspired are two ways to keep the creativity well from running dry.

“I try to be observant of what is trending. I also get inspired by random “aha’ moments of my day… I feel like I am in constant search of creative spontaneity and when I do find it, I come up with weird ideas to put up in the video,” Kris said.

Doing what inspires her helps Anna to curate her content. She don’t want to make only the trends, but she want her videos to be a venue to create a connection with her viewers.

“Given that there are a lot of beauty vloggers today, the only way I find to be unique is to be myself. I curate my content as to what currently inspires me! I do not simply rely as to what is trending. Yes ‘trending’ will give my channel more views but in the end, what I want to create is a connection with my viewers so I need to go way past that,” she said.

Do you think being a full-time vlogger can sustain your daily financial needs?

Vloggers earn money from YouTube ads and views. But many will ask, are their salary enough to sustain their daily needs?

Kris said that it suffices, but stressed that you really need to hustle and to constantly and proactively look for opportunities. “Naalala ko during my first two years, wala talaga kong natatanggap. The 3rd year nakakatanggap ako siguro mga 30 to 40 dollars. But now, I am very proud to say that I am working as full time Youtuber,” she said.

“If you’re going to compare my salary as a public school teacher which is around P17,000 to what I am getting now, napakalayo ng diperensiya,” Kris says. “Right now, siguro I’m earning if not a quarter, masaya na ko if I earn half of what I used to make as a public school teacher. But the thing is, di ko nararamdaman na nagtatrabaho ko kasi masayang-masaya kong ginagawa ko to. I also work as a freelance make-up artist, host, I also work sometimes as a events coordinator,” she added.

Anna Cay earns through her channel’s views, product sponsorship and endorsements. But practically, she said that she knows that YouTube has its “shelf life”.

“Honestly speaking, yes it can [make you good money]. I earn through YouTube views, product sponsorship and endorsements. But I also like to think that YouTube has a shelf-life. So I have to pursue something for myself and for my future family.”

What are your tips to those aspiring beauty vloggers?

Being yourself and learning from your failures will help you to become successful. “Be you! Whatever you do, society has always something to say. So just do it! You may fail in the process but time spent learning is never wasted!” Anna said.

Kris words of wisdom to those who wants to start their own channel is: “Aspire to Inspire. NEVER DO IT FOR THE FAME AND MONEY.”

Photo courtesy of: Anna Cay and Kris Lumagui

Header image by: Madel Crudo


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