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No wonder Gerald Anderson is looking extra hot these days. The Kapamilya actor (and rumored bufra of Bea Alonzo) has been training for the Skechers Performance 32nd Los Angeles Marathon happening on March 19.


He is the Philippines’ delegate to run the all 42 kilometers, his first 42-kilometer stretch, he says. “I always join running events but up to 10 kilometers only,” Gerald tells Manila Bulletin. “For this, I have to run 42 kilometers, which I have never done before.”

To train for the March 19-run, the actor trains 75 minutes every single day—this doesn’t include the 45-minute swim that comes after and the 10-kilometer run after that. What is tireless?

“I always try to find time to run,” the actor says. “I always push myself to be better than yesterday, not only in running but in every aspect of my life. My goal is to be number one. It doesn’t mean beating someone else, or being better than everyone, but being the number one you. The better version of you. You should always be better than the person you were yesterday, not just in sports or marathon, but in everything. That’s the goal.”

And that, above, makes him even hotter than he already is. Be still our beating hearts!

[Manila Bulletin]

The key to winning is poise under stress .. 😂😂 #golikeneverbefore #blessed #nostop #noexcuses #nopoise

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"It's not an S" on my planet it means HOPE.. #golikeneverbefore @skechersperformanceph

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Photo: Gerald Anderson | Instagram

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