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Hold off on coughing out serious cash for yet another hair treatment. Dr. Kaycee Reyes writes on Manila Bulletin that eating broccoli can actually give you softer, smoother, silkier hair.


Well, broccoli seed oil, more like. According to the doctor, broccoli seed oil prevents split ends, keeps hair from thinning, and acts as a natural heat protector.

“This special oil has shown effects on hair similar to silicone such that it also adds shine and softness to it when applied,” the doctor adds.

Silicone is a popular ingredient in many hair care products. It’s the one responsible in making your hair softer, silkier, and shinier.

It also prevents hair breakage, protects hair from heat styling products, seal in moisture, and even help colored hair stay on longer.

“But the breaking news is broccoli seed oil can do all that too and naturally,” she writes.

Eating more broccoli is of course the easiest way to get all these benefits for your hair—along with a healthy dose of vitamin K, C, D, A, B6, and B12.

Have we mentioned the vegetable is an anti-cancer food, helping delay the spread of certain cancers like melanoma, pancreatic, and prostate cancers? It also lessens the risk of breast, lung, and colon cancers, too.”

And all this time, we were sold with broccoli for the hair thing.

[Manila Bulletin; illustration: Madel Crudo]


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